Employee Screening

Get instant results on new employee screenings. Learn about criminal records, sex offenders, and much more.

Roommate Research

Do you have a new roommate? Curious just how safe you are in your own home? Does that potential roommate have a history of violence or theft? Perform a quick search now for criminal records and felonies - know BEFORE you commit!

First Date Fact Check

Going on a first date? Does that individual have a history of drug arrest, violence, or sex crimes? The individual seems nice, but you just don't know. It's worth a discreet check before your first date to check some facts? Run an instant background check now to ensure he/she is telling you the truth about his/her identity.


We want you to have the best quality results available. If you have any issues with your results, you can contact us directly: support@maxtraq.com

Return/Refund Policy

If MAXTRAQ fails to find public records due to an error in our system, or due to a website malfunction, we will refund your fee. If you ever have questions or concerns about search results, please feel free to contact us — we will be more than happy to help! sales@maxtraq.com

Privacy and Security

We take your privacy and security very seriously at MAXTRAQ. Read our policies on how we handle any information you give us and your rights regarding that information.
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